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You have a busy life, so do you have time to spend on doing your laundry? Visit Monarch Laundry in Maidstone, and use our self-service washing machines, or service wash options. They're great value for money, and you'll be amazed how quickly our washers and dryers can blitz through your laundry

Save time and money on laundering your clothes

Complete laundry expertise

Fresher, brighter bedding

•  Quick and efficient commercial washing machines

•  Service washes

•  Shirt cleaning

•  Commercial laundry

•  Sports kits cleaned perfectly

•  Duvet cleaning

Does anything feel better than going to bed and covering yourself in crisp, fresh bedding?


Our duvet cleaning service will ensure that your duvet or quilt gets deep down clean. We'll clean all your bedding, including sensitive fabrics, to ensure that they look and smell as good as new.


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8:00 am - 4:00 pm

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